Monday, March 14, 2016

Casa del Herrero


I was hoping for a beautiful His & Her day with my partner beyond of the hustle and bustle of our city life.  I found that peace, and much more, in an unexpected location that he liked as much as I did!

Casa del Herrero is a beautifully preserved home, garden and workshop that welcomes visitors and reveals fascinating secrets of life in the 1920’s & 30’s.  The first secret is in the name: Casa del Herrero translates into English as “house of the blacksmith” – a crafter’s and tradesman’s treasure!

If you enjoy architecture you will view this as a gracious and nationally recognized example of Spanish Colonial Revival. Architect George Washington Smith completed the house in 1925.  It is included on the National Register of Historic Places.  The city of Santa Barbara adopted this same style to give the community  a unified Spanish character after widespread destruction in the 1925 Santa Barbara earthquake. Its County Courthouse is a prime example of the style.  Casa del Herrero first opened its doors on the day of that fateful quake!

If you are a craftsman or engineer you will be captivated by the personal workshop that created many of the home’s detailed designs.  George Fox Steedman, an industrialist, engineer, and amateur architect, had a vision for the house and grounds that went beyond fashion. His over-site of every detail of the property’s buildings, furnishings, and gardens is the reason the estate makes a single artistic statement that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Horticulturalist?  Photographer? Historian?  Visit and be delighted on a solo tour or with a friend. Your visit to this beautiful oasis will restore your soul.  Take a private pre tour right now on your screen.  It will confirm all that I have said.

I am sharing this with you because I now have the experience and the memories of this hidden gem that we discovered close to home…but a world away.  Our photo opportunities were countless but we also enhanced those memories with architect Robert Sweeney’s book, Casa del Herrero: The Romance of Spanish Colonial.

When you are ready to plan your get-away to Casa del Herrero, contact them for a reservation and enjoy! or call 805-565-5653 x 202

Unpublished Sample Letter - Copyright Pending -  Casa del Herrero

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