Wednesday, March 9, 2016

School of Leadership in Afghanistan

Have you ever saved a child’s artwork on your wall and dreamed of her bright future?   
This is Maryam’s drawing.  She was a student at SOLA, the School of Leadership in Afghanistan. 
I am dreaming of her future.

SOLA is working to improve the future for Maryam and others from all across Afghanistan by creating high quality educational opportunities for girls.  

Creating’ is just one of the important words in that sentence. 

It means launching, beginning and taking a big risk to initiate something that has not existed before. 

The bravery of the leaders, teachers and students is far beyond any experience we westerners have had in our educational experiences. 

The learning at SOLA is deeper than basic skills and tasks necessary for survival.  

SOLA is dedicated to creating new leaders, courageous women who are committed to the progress of their country.
Our daily actions, miles away, have an impact on Maryam and all the students at SOLA.   
Make yours a positive impact by supporting their learning, growth and leadership.

As you consider your support, please see SOLA’s website and read about the progress of the school.  
Meet the students and read their own words. 

Remember them with your thoughts, prayers and contributions. 

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