Case Studies and Business Reports

Case Studies and Business Presentations demonstrate your expertise.

Sample 2016:

Seeking Board or Commission Service & Career Development
Healthcare Business Women’s Association

Identify Interests and Qualifications

}  Delineate Personal & Professional Interests
}  Assess goals for service
}  Identify goal-related affiliations and associates
}  Monitor groups of interest & observe meetings.
}  Identify subgroups, committees & public advisory roles

Board Service - Benefits and Opportunities

}  Contribute your expertise
}  Develop a broader understanding of system change
}  Build your professional capacity
}  Support civic engagement

 Expert Presentations, Reports & Business Plans

Applications & References

}  Prepare a simple statement of inquiry
}  Follow ‘appointments’ postings
}  Observe application guidelines
}  Secure references & referrals
}  Identify appointing authority
}  Consider employer notification
}  Analyze potential conflict of interests

Service & Security
}  Content Confidentiality
}  Legal Disclosure
}  Personal Liability
}  Public Meeting Laws
}  Shareholder Accountability
}  Terms of Service

Serve & Learn
}  Increase awareness beyond personal and professional interests.
}  Contribute service as an avocation
}  Enhance experience beyond current affiliations
}  Introduce diverse voices to decision making processes
}  Learn & Enjoy!

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