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Sample 2016:

 The Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation

The future looks bleak! 

When you feel this way turn your eyes to the nation’s students to renew and encourage your hope for tomorrow.  

When tragedy and political squabbling fill the airwaves, consider the dreams and innovations that faithful teachers are sharing with their students of all ages. 

But tuition and fees at our colleges and universities are on the rise.  Completing a college degree in 4 years is no longer possible for most students who struggle to get into their required courses each semester.  

How do you keep the students in school long enough to complete their degrees?

The most common reason for student drop-outs is not poor academic performance or lack of interest but a lack of sufficient funds. 

Many first generation students report a need to return to their family home in order to support the household income.  Among those students who do manage to complete their college degrees, most are graduating with record amounts of debt on their student loans.

There is a small miracle going on in our community... 

The facts and figures tell the story that The Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation is beating the odds, keeping students in school and increasing their graduation rates.  

Their special outreach to first generation students and to all families in financial need is a recipe for inspiration.

You can be part of that miracle!

How? Individuals donors -- large and small -- as well as private business and corporate donations are part of that miracle. And why...?

Thousands of new workers are needed to fill job openings created everyday by retiring baby boomers. 

Business leaders in our community are on an active search for the next wave of skilled workers. 

Many have invested in technology upgrades to classrooms in order to help create a modern and capable workforce.  

Now it is your turn.

Your participation and donation to The Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation makes a difference to a qualified and deserving student today.  

You can make a contribution and be assured that it will be used in a responsible way. 

This is a direct benefit for all of us.

Our new graduates will provide us with the medical, legal and technical services that we need to sustain our lives.  

When we help a student, we help ourselves.  

If you act today you will be a part of a bright future. 

Take a step toward tomorrow and picture yourself in the lives of our students today

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