Who We Are

Engage public support for fundraising 

and marketing campaigns.

Our expertise and copy-writing skills are derived from years of professional work and association with;

  • the Advisory Board of the Inter-American Foundation in Washington DC;
  • the Council of Independent Colleges as a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow;
  • Luz Publications as the Co-Author of ‘Women Seen and Heard’, 2004;
  • Academic Research via PhD in Organizational & Human Systems.

 Professional memberships include; 

  • the American Writers and Artists Inc. and
  • the National Association of Professional Fundraisers.

  Contact us for:

  • Webpage Copy: Your webpage speaks to many different audiences; our objective is to move readers to action on behalf of your organization.
  • Blog Posts: Convey your work with compelling language and substance that moves followers to become members and supporters.
  • Case Studies: Engage your readers. Assist them to become more enthusiastic about your projects.
  • Hard Copy texts: Use compelling stories to convey your message to readers whoappreciate and respond to traditional hard copy mailings.

 Contact : Anita Pérez Ferguson, PhD, NAFP  TWSpeaks@yahoo.com

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